About Us

Introducing Exclusively Fruit Pure Fruit Compotes – compotes made with 100% fruit.

Exclusively Fruit is a new company built on a wealth of fruit processing experience.

We bring something new to the market which – you guessed it – is made exclusively from fruit!

Our beautifully balanced recipes contain large luscious fruit pieces or whole berries combined with just two or three other ingredients – a little apple juice concentrate or lemon juice for sweet/tart balance, and fruit pectin for texture.

Many commercial fruit products combine small, barely-identifiable pieces of fruit with large amounts of sugar, water, starches, gums, flavourings and colours. We wanted to get away from all that stuff and stay with fruit exclusively…

Exclusively Fruit Pure Fruit Compotes have a multitude of uses. Once thawed in your fridge try –

Exclusively Fruit Pure Fruit Compotes are available in Apricot, Mango, Mixed Berry and Strawberry.​​​​​​​