Q. You say that your compotes are 'pure fruit', what does this mean?
A. Our compotes are made from whole berries and large pieces of fruit with a little apple juice concentrate, apple pectin, and lemon juice. So, it is all fruit and fruit products in the bag! We don't add starch, refined sugar, additives, colours or preservatives.

Q. Why are your products frozen?
A. For the reason above. Because the products are frozen we don't need additives and preservatives to keep the colour and flavour fresh. 

Q. How do you consume the product?
A. Defrost the compote in its pouch in your refrigerator, and when thawed eat it however you like! Our recipes are well balanced and delicious, and each compote is fantastic eaten 'straight from the bag'. We also have lots of other ideas on how to enjoy the compotes, please check out our Instagram feed! We would love to hear about our customer's ideas too.​​​​​​​

Q. How should the product be stored, and for how long?
A. The compotes should be transferred to your freezer immediately upon receipt and kept frozen up to the use by date. They will last in your freezer for months, giving you the convenience of a delicious portion of fruit when you fancy!​​​​​​​ Please visit our storage instructions page for more details.

Q. What are your delivery options?
A. Delivery starts at £7 for weekday delivery of a small box of 6 pouches. We are able to offer reduced price delivery with increasing order size, with our large and extra large boxes shipping free midweek (good ol' economies of scale...). Please refer to our delivery page for a full description of delivery options and postcode exclusions.

Q. Can I buy just one pouch?
A. As the product is frozen we are not able to ship one pouch only; the delivery cost would be prohibitive. We suggest the small mixed box as a first order, to give you the chance to try all of our varieties. How about ordering a box with a friend? 

Q. Is your packaging recyclable?
A. At Exclusively Fruit we firmly believe in re-using/up-cycling. We have found many uses for our polyboxes, there are the familiar – for keeping food cool on a picnic, or even for keeping food warm (wash the box thoroughly); to bring on seedlings in the spring and protect them from frost (we are all keen gardeners); and then there are the leftfield ideas that make our day. One of our friends has recently told us that she intends to use a box for her son’s tortoise to hibernate in this winter. We would love to hear your ideas on how to reuse the boxes!


If you would prefer to recycle your polybox you can find local recycling centres that take this material by following the link below:


All cardboard packaging is fully recyclable. Unfortunately for the pouches themselves, although the material is recyclable, recycling services are not widely available in the UK currently.